Our Story

AMOSOME - I   AM  whO  I  AM,  SO,  it's  ME

Urban dictionary defined as "Amazingly Awesome".


Welcome to our E-commerce Online Store!  I am so happy to commemorate this special moment as I pen down.  I have finally made this happen.  As a Style, Image and Fitness Coach,  I love to shop on-line, in fact, 90% of my apparels are bought on-line.  The convenience and at the comfort of my home allows me to use resourcefully the costs of transport and time running from shops to shops trying and browsing, into good savings and passing on to my purchasing cyber power.


Part of my job is to stay abreast. Shopping with my clients is a clarion call, and my goal is to help my clients to realign their profiles and communicate the best image prowess through style choices. These details go on to the apparels I picked to suit all body shape, length, personality, occasion and make-up.  Getting that feeling of Amosome is amazing.


A charming person is poised, chic and healthy.  It's charisma when you see her.  She is relaxed, classy, understated and not try too hard to impress. She fixates everyone around her with inspiring personality.  What does her personality speaks of her image? Impressive! Don't be afraid to break away from the norm. 


I hope you can include Amosome in your personal shopping experience at the comfort of your home. Our statement accessories and necklaces are imported, and I integrate trends, styles, seasons and colours into each piece. I enjoy seeing my clients stand out from the rest, look unique and make heads turn.


If you are as active as me, don't miss out the functionable gym wear. I teach a better class when I put on NEW gym outfit. You have to try it, experience it and see the difference. The sweat absorbent active wear is made of 87% nylon 18% Spandex. It is the best formula for a high-performance workout.


Style is eternal and an expression of your personality. Stay Fit, Stylish and Fabulous!



Agnes Koh